Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

All class dates are subject to change or cancellation based upon the number of enrollments received.

Students may cancel or reschedule a class prior to seven (7) full calendar day of the start of training. Rescheduling will not be allowed within three (3) full calendar days prior to the course. A cancellation or change within three (3) full calendar days of the confirmed course start date will result in a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the course fee.

Emergency Notice:

All xfish.net classes are subject to cancellation or re-scheduling due to unforeseen emergency situations. In the event of emergencies, you may contact our xfish.net at 310.466.5400 for further information on the status of your bootcamp class.

Terms and Conditions

1. A completed online payment is required to secure a bootcamp class.. .
2. Appropriate tax will be included where applicable.
3. CANCELLATION PENALTIES: Please refer to above. .

If We Cancel Your Bootcamp Class

Occasionally it may be necessary for xfish.net to cancel your course (i.e. if registrations do not reach a required level). In this event, we will give you at least 5 working days notice of the cancellation, and will offer an alternative date.

For more information: e@xfish.net